Monday, June 25, 2012

MoSKito 1.4.3 released

After our first iphone app  arrived in the store on friday, we also released 1.4.3 of the classic version over the weekend. As the number suggests, this release doesn't bring major breakthroughs (at least not yet), but some improvements in the UI for better user experience.

Larger graphs

First, and the simplest of all, we adopted the default size for the on-the-fly-graphs for producers from 600x300 to 1200x600, making it four times bigger. Now you will be able to use the whole size of your monitor, and not only a small section:

Of course they are a bit smaller here, because otherwise they would kill the layout of the blog. However, if the new size is too big, or still too little for you, you can configure it now by yourself, by simply adding a file named mskwebui.json into your classpath (web-inf/classes is easiest). 
The file should have the typical json config format: 

"producerChartWidth": 1200,
"producerChartHeight": 600,

Of course all ConfigureMe features like cascading environments and on-the-fly reconfiguration are supported.

Producer filtering 

This was actually a feature people have been asked for, for a long time, to allow filtering for producer names. This is especially useful, if you have a log of producers with similar names.
Here an example:

Enlarge the image for details. 

Finally the accumulators overview now offers a new link:

which leads to the new:

Single Accumulator View

Single accumulator view offers a quick glance at one accumulator and provides not only the graph, but also the data behind the graph for quick analysis:

The new version can be obtained as usual from our nexus repository.

Enjoy ;-)

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